Our Beliefs

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You – this is a familiar phrase found on signs pointing the way to Episcopal Churches.   That welcome isn’t just a nice slogan for a bumper sticker, for St. George’s it means all are welcome without caveat.  All individuals regardless of race, age or gender orientation are welcome to participate in the life and work of the church.

St. George’s Episcopal Church welcomes people of every race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, physical and mental ability, national origin, economic station, and political ideology to full participation in the life of our community.

St George’s mission statement

At its February 2021 meeting, our vestry agreed on a mission statement for St. George’s –“To Learn, To
Serve, To Love.” The idea for a mission statement is to express why we exist as a parish. It’s helpful if the
statement is short enough so that it is easily remembered. I hope that after a while any of us could say what our
mission is. I’d like to say a bit more about our mission statement, especially for this Lenten season.

To learn, To serve, to Love

To Learn
We want to learn about God and our faith. This is a life-long process; we can never learn all there is
about God and how to live out our faith in God. We learn more all the time about the meaning of our worship
and about prayer. One of the good things from this past difficult year is that we have access to many learning
opportunities online. We just finished our Epiphany Season class on the Gospel according to Mark, offered on
Zoom. During Lent, there is a Monday class by Anne McKeever on Lenten meditations and a Tuesday class
on the
the prophet Exekiel, both on Zoom. We exist to be a community of learning, growing in our knowledge of God.
To Serve
We do not exist for ourselves only. We love others as we have been loved by God in Jesus. We serve
people in need in the larger community around us – in the Sacramento area, our nation, and our world (often
through our Roundtable Group). We have done actions of service for veterans, for refugees, for the homeless,
and for students (through our scholarship fund). We have served people with our community garden, and we
are actively exploring how best to run the garden in the future. We are also seeing how we can serve through
St. Matthew’s Center and other community organizations. In non-pandemic times, we host eight 12-step groups
which meet weekly in our building. For many people, doing acts of service is part of their Lenten observance.
We exist to serve others.
To Love
St. George’s is a loving Christian community. We really love one another. We express this in many
ways – through prayer for each other, phone calls, emails, fellowship events (when we can meet in person),
study and prayer groups. In this pandemic time, we have been creative about ways to stay in touch online.
Many times I have heard newcomers to our parish say how much they feel the love in our parish. Our love for
each other is not just talk, we live this out constantly. Growing in love is a major part of our Lenten practice.
We exist to love God and one another.

Rule of Life for St George’s

Based on our spiritual values and practices, this is our commitment to each other.


* Nurture ourselves with the Bible and spiritual books

* Care deeply about each other, including in prayer.

* Fellowship together and have fun.

* Are grateful, glad and giving stewards of God’s creation.

* Reach out to the world, living and spreading the Word.


While we will always have questions, two statements of faith form our foundation, the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.  These two statements of faith join us with Christians throughout the ages – stating our belief in the one God who created us, redeemed us and sanctifies us.

  June 2021  
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